Security Operations – Search Team Skills Award Level 3

About The Course

Security Search Operations for illegal or prohibited items are an essential part of security strategy. Future high profile international sporting events, and the current requirement for vigilance from terrorism in all areas of commercial and public life in the United Kingdom, requires quality assured search training that fully embraces the new National Occupational Standards for Security Search Operations

Search operations are those operations undertaken primarily to protect potential targets. This includes organisations assets, V.I.P visits, major conferences and events. Search activities include (but are not limited to) search of people, their possessions, vehicles, mail, deliveries, buildings and areas. It also includes those search operations undertaken under the relevant legal authority primarily to gain evidence for prosecutions.


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Duration: 2 Days

Number of People: 12 Delegates

Total Cost:

The Aims

  • To manage the  searching of  persons, vehicles, area’s and the use of  current mechanical aides
  • To instruct & develop students in the art of search techniques for a variety of varied  work based scenarios, and how to deal with any form of ‘find’
  • Candidates  will  learn effectively  the use of offensive and defensive search procedures, what can be realistically achieved by these methods and when to employ them.
  • To deliver and select the most cost effective training package to meet the needs of the organisation.

The Gains

  • Learn to work as an individual and within a search team
  • Discuss the legal implications on the use of searching a person
  • Learn Health & Safety requirements and Implications
  • State the reasons for searching premises
  • State how to search people and their property
  • State the importance of obtaining permission to search
  • Show knowledge of systematic, methodical techniques allowing effective searches of buildings, venues, vehicles, and people
  • State the hazards of conducting a search
  • State the procedures for recording articles/evidence seized during searches
  • Preservation of evidence and handover procedure within the current legal best practices
  • Action on a find and evacuation

The Assessmenets

  • Written theory test
  • Practical skill assessment
  • Ongoing formative assessment
  • Individual performance during realistic exercise scenarios

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