Residence Protection Officer (RPO) Enhanced Skills Award Level 2

About The Course

The course provides already licensed SIA operators the skills and knowledge to work within a  Protection Package at either a dedicated residence or at a temporary client base such as a hotel in the RPO role. This course is also aimed at security elements who may ,due to their role, be required to facilitate or support either short term or long term protection tasks. The course provides subjects not delivered on SIA personnel on generic courses and is aimed at filling the very real void.


This course is for front line SIA license holders. Delivered over 16 hours this is the operating standard for residential security provision. Delegates who complete the course will be able to perform venue and residence security with great professionalism.

Course Info

Category: Protection

Duration: 2 Days

Number of People: 12 Delegates

Total Cost: £280 inc VAT

The Aims

  • To enhance the training of dedicated Residence security provision to include operational norms and templates of operation.
  • Do include the same Police RPO Skills into a dedicated package to allow interoperability and flexible integrated operations
  • To develop entry level and residence specific security provision

The Gains

The Course allows DS licensed operators, as well as CP operators without dedicated venue security training, enhanced and specific ups killing in line with the Metropolitan police RPO Course as delivered to So14 officers required to work as part of Close Protection Team .  This course uniquely enhances core skills while at the same time highlighting roles and threats specific to the protection team and the role s associated with securing relevant homes, hotels, businesses and hospitals.

The Assessmenets

  • Written theory test- as part of table top exercise
  • Practical skill assessment
  • Ongoing formative assessment

Course Content

  • Pattern of Life reporting
  • Introduction to House staff roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding the ‘Threat’ at venue level
  • Defeating Technical Surveillance- including drone penetration for estates
  • Liaising with external agencies
  • Protocol & Dress
  • Technology and Area protection including K9 support
  • Venue & Vehicle search
and recording
  • Open Source Intelligence
as part of the command and control role
  • Hotel operations and support available
  • Equipment and technical aides to residence protection
  • Police and external agencies liaison
  • Reporting and movement logs and production of hostile surveillance logs and plans
  • Legal obligations and restrictions on private property
  • Dealing with unwanted visitors and media cold calling
  • “stand off’ Venue protection operations

Course Dates

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