Organisation Award in Open Source Intelligence Gathering Skills Level 3

About The Course

The Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course will train the security based student to an advanced level in gathering intelligence, primarily through structured desktop research.

It will provide an introduction to the deep web and covers topics from advanced search techniques to security and traceability.  Techniques range from simple to complex search strategies in order to gain ‘hidden’ information on both individuals and corporate entities.  In this course the course will reveal sources that are generally unknown and remain untapped.


This course will equip the security trained student to an advanced level in gathering intelligence, primarily through structured desktop research.

Course Info

Category: Protection

Duration: 4 Days

Number of People: 12 Delegates

Total Cost: £285 inc VAT

The Aims

  • Develop an operational understanding the Internet
  • Understanding email traffic
  • Obtaining the identity of email sender & recipients
  • Effective use of search engines, including search of both the deep web and dark web
  • Searching social networking sites, forums and blogs
  • Open sources of information and intelligence
  • Enable effective research of telephone numbers, addresses and individuals
  • Research of company and business information
  • Establishing website ownership
  • Demonstrate how to set up covert websites and email addresses
  • Use of monitoring techniques for websites and keywords of special interest
  • Continuity of electronic evidence

The Gains

  • What the Internet is and how valuable it can be during investigations
  • Online investigator safety and privacy issues
  • Surface, deep and dark web issues
  • Navigating and searching the Web in an effective manner
  • IP research and domain tracing
  • Social media
  • Understanding blogs and forums
  • Image searching
  • People searching
  • Evidential captures
  • Various practical exercises
  • Researching without leaving a ‘footprint’

The Assessmenets

  • Written theory test- as part of table top exercise
  • Practical skill assessment
  • Ongoing formative assessment
  • Individual performance during realistic exercise scenarios

Course Content

Detailed content will be supplied on registration and payment

Course Dates

Available Course Dates

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