Medicine in Remote Areas Course Level 3

About The Course

The Polaris Medicine in Remote Areas Course has been developed to provide delegates who already have experience in Pre-Hospital Care with the added skills and knowledge to be able to deal with casualties in a remote environment. The course focuses on stabilisation of the casualty utilising knowledge and skills for management of serious incidents with the expectation of longer term management of the casualty at the scene.  It is designed to provide remote medical treatment for those operating in areas such as the oil/gas industry, the media industry, expedition and exploration personnel, disaster relief and humanitarian organisations, mountain rescue, and search and rescue personnel.

The course structure is primarily based on providing the delegate with the fundamental skills required to manage a casualty in a remote/challenging environment. The delegates will learn the following topics: Management of injuries from road traffic collisions, ballistics and violent assaults, Oxygen therapy, Intermediate and advanced airway management including surgical airways, Life threatening chest injuries and management including needle decompression, Circulatory system and Haemorrhage control, Shock and fluid replacement (I.V & I.O), Head injuries, Medical emergencies, Fractures, dislocations and burns, Environmental illnesses, Medical Gases & Pain Relief and Skin issues and closure techniques

Our trainers and assessors are drawn from genuine specialist medical teams. We are unique in that we deliver to Home Office Police Forces as well as 5 international military and police units internationally


To provide delegates who already have experience in Pre-Hospital Care with the added skills and knowledge to be able to deal with casualties in a remote environment

Course Info

Category: Medical

Duration: 5 Days

Number of People: 12 Delegates

Total Cost: £370 inc VAT

The Aims

Our MIRA course is for those people working in remote areas throughout the world, weather you are a CP officer or just somebody wanting to better yourself with a more in depth medical knowledge we will train you to a very high standard where you will learn how to deal with a medical issue within a remote environment

The MIRA course has been designed to provide personnel who already have experience in Pre-Hospital Care, the added skills and knowledge to be able to deal with casualties in remote and challenging environments. The course focuses on stabilisation of the casualty, through to the skills required for prolonged field care until the arrival of the emergency services.

The MIRA course is ideal for medical professionals who work in or want to work within remotes areas as a tier 1 remote medic.

The Gains

  • Clinical scope of practice
  • Preparations and role of medical officer
  • Triage and crisis management
  • Patient assessment and diagnosis
  • Airway management (i-gel, LMA, and surgical airway)
  • Chest decompression
  • Chest and abdominal trauma
  • Shock, hemorrhage control (tourniquets, celox) and fluids with lethal triad
  • Fracture management and various splints (KTD, SAM splints & collar)
  • Skin issues and closure techniques
  • Minor injuries
  • Medical emergencies overview
  • Minor limb and back issues
  • Extremes of weathers
  • Altitude and mountain medicine awareness
  • Drugs and pharmacology issues
  • Prolonged patient care
  • RTC extrication (KED & spine board
  • Chemicals
  • Bites & stings (snake bites, scorpion, spiders)

The Assessmenets

  • Practical skill assessment
  • Ongoing formative assessment
  • Scenario based Exercise

Course Content

Detailed Course content available upon payment of deposit and access to pre-course material

Course Dates

Available Course Dates

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