High Threat Media Safety Package

About The Course

This accredited course provides comprehensive training that fulfills the requirements of both media and government  pre-deployment training for both hostile and permissive regions.  It fulfils the requirement for employers’ duty of care to employees who are due to be deployed to challenging and hostile environments and for many worldwide grant and funding providers.

The Polaris High Threat Media Safety Package ensures that our training gives delegates the knowledge and skills needed to operate competently in hazardous environments either on their own or as part of a team. We use a variety of study methods to provide delegates with both understanding and practical skills.

The Polaris course will equip delegates with skills for a variety of hazardous environments due to climate, region and terrain, political instability or lack of stable law and order. The course aims to equip delegates with the knowledge, situational awareness and skills to make sound judgements in difficult situations.  This innovative course combines classroom based theory with relevant practical scenarios, many of which are based on real life experiences.

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to recognise and avoid threats to their safety, enabling them to operate effectively in challenging situations. Uniquely accredited this market leading course is both cost effective and situationally relevant to each attendee.


This course gives delegates the knowledge and skills needed to operate competently in hazardous environments either on their own or as part of a team

Course Info

Category: Media

Duration: 3 Days

Number of People: 12

Total Cost: £540 inc VAT

The Aims

  • Understand the range of threats that may be encountered in a hostile environment
  • Develop a degree of situational awareness and vigilance necessary to recognise potentially threatening situations
  • Develop skills to enable an effective and appropriate response to situations in which safety is threatened.

The Gains

  • Develop mental function in high risk & threatening environments
  • Enhance the understanding of personal safety and security
  • Develop psychological first aid skills
  • Demonstrate use of communication equipment
  • Develop open source and cultural intelligence skills
  • Introduction to capture and captivity
  • Explain and develop behaviour under fire, including ballistic awareness and appropriate choice of cover
  • Develop actions to manage probable threats
  • Introduction to unexploded ordnance (UXO) and improvised explosive devices (IED) threats
  • Demonstrate Vehicle & Road safety
  • Introduce the SAFE approach and Basic first aid
  • Equip participants with awareness and techniques in how to best defuse anger and aggression in various situations

The Assessmenets

  • Practical skill assessment
  • Ongoing formative assessment
  • Scenario based Exercise

Course Content

Due to the advanced and sensitive nature of the training given in our Media and High Risk Environment training courses, we only disclose full details of the course to delegates with an verified operational requirement for these skills.

Course Dates

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