Enhanced Topographical & Operational Awareness for Protection Officers and Chauffeurs – Metropolitan London Area Level 2

About The Course

‘London Fam’ as it is known is  the key knowledge based course for those working in the London UK Circuit both drivers and protection officers .

This course is aimed at commercial close protection officers, protection drivers and security chauffeurs. 97% of all protection tasks in the UK are based in London.  Close protection officers and drivers need enhanced London knowledge to operate effectively.

The aim of this course is to equip students with professional understanding and a knowledge of working in Central London including the finest hotels, restaurants and clubs likely to be frequented by clients, as well as regulations for working in London.  Clients are likely to expect their protection and driving teams to know their way around and not need instruction from them on where to go or how to book tables at venues that are already full.

The course includes discussion of the operational implications, and soft skills required, for working discretely alongside other clients’ protection teams and members of the public places such as luxury hotels.

The course also involves a tour of the most common operating areas and geographic mapping for satellite navigation systems. The course comes with full course materials as well as a follow-on learning package.

The new Public Carriage Office (PCO) licensing requirements are built into the course and the PCO will be on hand for applications for accelerated London PCO licence applications.

Course handouts and Polaris’ own operational aide memoires are provided to students on this course.


Over 90% of all protection tasks in the UK are based in London.  Close protection officers and drivers need enhanced London knowledge to operate effectively.  This includes insight into the places your clients visit, stay and eat.

Course Info

Category: Protection

Duration: 2 Days

Number of People: 18 Delegates

Total Cost: £370 inc VAT

The Aims

  • To equip students with the soft skills and London-specific inside knowledge to operate effectively in the capital.
  • Understand specific legal and regulatory requirements for operating in London
  • To enable the building of  relationships with service providers , their management and staff

The Gains

  • The main HNW residential, shopping, nightlife and business areas of the London area
  • The principal arterial routes through and across the HNW operating area
  • The congestion and parking obligations and areas
  • The main HNW ports of entry into London – air, sea, rail and air 9incl private airports)
  • Public and VIP transport services
  • PCO obligations for Chauffeurs and PPOs
  • The City of London & Government Security Zone operational areas
  • Security Associations & Networks associated with HNW security in London
  • HNW  tourism , useful POCs  ( to include  Museums, major venues and theatres)
  • The services provided by concierge & personal shoppers
  • The celebrity culture and the paparazzi threat in London
  • Resources available from Police to PPOs & Chauffeurs
  • Planning aides specific to London – Demonstrations, Marches, Sporting, Cultural
  • Web Apps & Services for venue service planning in the Capital
  • VIP Night Clubs, bars & restaurants – Protocol and Booking, key personnel
  • Communications and enhanced technology in HNWI operations
  • Diplomatic and Ambassadorial locations and services .
  • The late night and adult industry & protocols  applicable to HNW individuals

The Assessmenets

  • Practical skill assessment
  • Ongoing formative assessment
  • Scenario based Exercise

Course Content

Detailed Course content available upon payment of deposit and access to pre-course material

Course Dates

Available Course Dates

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