Enhanced Chauffeur Skills and Protection Driver Award Level 3

About The Course

This unique and fully accredited Polaris course is an enhanced version of the National Protection Drivers Course with additional skills useful for commercial chauffeurs. The course uses the RoSPA driving qualification at Silver/Gold to provide a defined driving standard upon which to build the protection and enhanced chauffer training.

The course is delivered by a team of accredited instructors who are all experts in their field and are  currently working  in the protection and driving arenas.   Instructors are specially selected and assessed in their ability to demonstrate and teach the latest best practices.

The training is a mix of classroom based theory and extensive  practical training.  This means that all candidates  are given  the best instruction and practice before the final assessment phase of the course.

The specialist protection element involves tactical vehicle skills using the same premium vehicles that chauffeurs would expect to use with clients.

Assessment during the course is the same as that used on the National Protection Drivers Course.  The exercises are realistic and also very similar to those used on Police and Special Forces driving courses.


Building on the RoSPA Silver/Gold driving qualifications, the course teaches enhanced protection and chauffeur skills.

Course Info

Category: Driving

Duration: 8 Days

Number of People: 12 Delegates

Total Cost: £1800 + VAT

The Aims

  • Attain the necessary knowledge, skills, judgement and flexibility required for protection driver duties based around commercial Chauffeur skills and the RoSPA driving principals
  • Acquire the necessary car handling skills in evasive and offensive driving as well as deliver smooth and effective protection either as a single vehicle or part of a protection vehicle convoy
  • Integrate with protection officers, motorcyclists, other parties and drivers, to provide an effective and efficient mobile protection service.

The Gains

The course enables the delivery of nationally accredited protection driving skills comparable to those used by the Police and partner agencies. This allows clients and their representatives and insurers to assess and quantify skills and training when security and protection packages are being deployed due to threat risk or need.

The Assessmenets

Practical skill assessment

Ongoing formative assessment

Course Content

Sample Course content includes

Explain the strategy for the use of vehicles in protection operations

  • Explain the significance of threat and other relevant factors in relation to the resultant risk (the risk equation)
  • Compare and contrast ‘low profile’ and ‘high profile’ personal protection systems
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of individuals within the protection package including their inherent flexibility and overlap with other members
  • Explain how the various protection roles integrate with each other
  • Discuss the needs of the protection officers
  • Describe the needs of an attacker to effect an attack
  • Identify examples of learning from past incidents, both good and bad examples
  • Explain and demonstrate the quality of the drive required for the VIP
  • Explain that protection driving builds upon, and is enhanced by, existing advanced driving skills
  • Research, plan and prepare routes
  • Identify and locate points of interest and note these effectively
  • Follow directions using maps and street plans
  • Demonstrate by positional accuracy, good appreciation of the dimensions and extremities of the vehicle
  • Describe the effect on vehicle stability whilst reversing with respect to steering and braking
  • Demonstrate accurate high speed reversing in a straight line and bringing the vehicle to rest under control
  • Describe understeer / oversteer as it relates to a vehicle driven backwards
  • Demonstrate ‘fast steering’ as contrasted to pull-push steering
  • Demonstrate steering onto a chosen course whilst the steered wheels are locked and sliding; releasing the brakes to attain the path chosen
  • Demonstrate accurate appreciation of required following distances at different speeds
  • Demonstrate driving, accelerating and braking, using only the left foot
  • Demonstrate driving, steering with only one hand
  • Demonstrate driving with screens obscured
  • Demonstrate continued accuracy and consistency in driving whilst subject to harassment: verbal, physical, vehicular and smoke

Course Dates

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