Counter Terrorism Awareness Level 2

About The Course

Counter terrorism is a very specialised area focused typically for security, military & law enforcement arenas but the climate has changed. Too many people think counter-terrorism is all about guns and fighting. As we are experiencing this is far from the truth!. Our course is designed to instil knowledge and confidence for both management and employees. The cost covers certification, manuals

CitizenAID™ is used as generic template for understanding and the level 2 award certification is issued upon completion of this module – it is a simple, logical system of immediate actions. It is designed to guide the public to react safely, to pass effective messages to the emergency services, to prioritise the injured and to give life-saving first aid. This combination of effective organisation and immediate treatment will save lives.


This course is designed to guide participants to react safely, to pass effective messages to the emergency services, to prioritise the injured and to give life-saving first aid.

Course Info

Category: Protection

Duration: 1 Day

Number of People: 12 Delegates

Total Cost: £88 inc VAT

The Aims

  1. To develop an understanding of the threat
  2. To Introduce Citizen Aid as a core model at staff and security entry level
  3. To develop planning and safety into every task
  4. Demonstrate learning experience from past incidents and build a client specific sample plan and briefing

The Gains

  • The definition of the term ‘Terrorism’ and ‘Terrorist’
  • The history of terrorism and its affects
  • What is an Improvised Explosive Device
  • The different types of explosive devices and methods that terrorists employ
  • Counter terror organisations
  • Contingency and emergency planning
  • Threat assessment and management
  • Risk reduction measures to reduce the threat you face
  • The importance of incident management planning
  • Post attack or incident considerations
  • Citizen Aid presentation (Level 2)

The Assessmenets

  • Ongoing formative assessment

Course Content

Course Dates

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