Counter Crime , Reconnaissance & Surveillance Detection Course AZTEC Level 3

About The Course

The Polaris Counter Crime, Reconnaissance & Surveillance Detection Training Course (CCRSDT) is accredited and equips delegates with the knowledge and skills they need to identify and counter targeted reconnaissance and directed surveillance attacks. We use a variety of study methods, and an immersive form of training, to provide delegates with practical operational skills.

Our experienced professional instructors all have extensive operational experience and keep up to date with the latest thinking, techniques and intelligence. All instructors have previously served in either the Military, Government Security Services or Police special operations roles.  This exceptional experience enables Polaris to deliver the very best commercially available training.

The course concentrates on the fundamentals of operating in different environments and how to detect and defeat targeting in a variety of situations.

The content is operationally relevant and appropriate for the commercial protection environment, delivered to national and NPOG standards, while operating within legal boundaries for civilian protection officers.


Learn the ability to detect and counter targeted reconnaissance and surveillance attacks. Delegates will be taught by instructors with extensive police and military backgrounds. All content taught on the course is operationally relevant.

Course Info

Category: Surveillance

Duration: 4 Days

Number of People: 12 Delegates

Total Cost: £360 inc VAT

The Aims

  1. To teach all fundamentals of professional detection and countering surveillance tactics, techniques & procedures.
  2. To equip students with overt and covert techniques as well as enhancing existing skills and procedures, to a level that allows independent operation.
  3. To train and select suitable candidates to work both independently as AZTEC operators as well as part of integrated operations with additional team members and external agencies

The Gains

  • Correctly assess threats and mitigate exposure (risks) to those threats
  • Correctly plan and deliver a professional and effective security operation
  • Perform proficiently in ALL aspects associated with the professional delivery of protective security operations
  • Operate independently or as part of a CCRSD team
  • Enable students to think creatively about their security environment, rather than merely blindly follow procedures
  • Deploy for sustained periods, often away from target location independently.
  • Be able to establish both pattern of life and environmental norms quickly in an operational area.
  • Detect behaviours and incidents of concern and threat in a variety of areas
Produce HSL and Target Offsite Lay-up plans
  • Provide accurate, succinct and structured briefing (using IIMAC) to senior management and external agencies
  • Use current technology and resources effectively within the evidence gathering framework and produce in depth HSL reports
  • Integrate communications as part of an ‘off the ground’ threat trigger matrix
  • Coordinate information up to and including immediate and post incident METHANE level reporting
  • Fit into pre-planned and spontaneous operations and support packages in a multitude of environments
  • Correctly and effectively execute a protection operation in any country and environment
  • Adapt and perform effectively within a (multi-disciplinary) team

Conduct proactive skills during a deployment

The Assessmenets

Written theory test

Practical skill assessment

Ongoing formative assessment

High Psychological profile test

Individual performance during realistic exercise scenarios

Course Content

Course Dates

Available Course Dates

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