SIA compliant Level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations

About The Course

The Polaris Close Protection Course is modelled on the UK Police National Protection Officers Course,  with a focus very much on the practical application of skills required to function in first world benign environments.

The course is inclusive of all the SIA imposed minimum training core competencies, but has been designed to include all operationally relevant training scenarios to cover planning, foot and mobile moves and contingencies.  When designing the course it was imperative that the locations selected developed the best learning opportunities for delegates and with this in mind delegates actually learn in the area they will work in such as Mayfair, Knightsbridge etc. All the instructors involved in delivery on the course have extensive operational backgrounds and experience from the military and the police SO1 and SO14 now RASP.

Course Dates

Sat 17th Oct- 1st November

Sat 7th -22nd November

Sat 5th -20th December – This course is now fully attended .

Jan  2-17th

Feb 13-21st

Mar. 6-21st

Apr 10-25th

May 8-23rd

June 12-27th

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This course will offer delegates the chance to train in locations they will be working in. The course focuses on the practical side of close protection, combining a number of courses into one. Delegates will get the chance to work with instructors who have extensive operational experience.

Course Info

Category: Protection

Duration: 16 Days

Number of People: 12

Total Cost: £1800 + VAT

The Aims

  • To teach all fundamentals of professional Close Protection Tactics, Techniques & Procedures to a suitable professional level, within the commercial environment constraints.
  • To provide suitabel and sufficient overt and covert Close Protection of an individual in a multitude of environments in line with threat and risk and most importantly commensurate with the Principals wishes.
  • To train and identify suitable top tier candidates to work as Close Protection operators within the commercial CP sector.

The Gains

  • Assess threats and risks then mitigate exposure of the Principal to those threats
  • Display leadership and decision making
  • Develop a plan and deliver a professional and effective security operation
  • Deliver continual and sustained professional protective security services
  • Perform effectively within a team dynamic
  • Manage stress as a capable individual and as part of a cohesive team

The Assessmenets

  • Self discipline (control)
  • Physical & mental fitness
  • Situation/ spacial awareness & self confidence
  • Intelligence, stability & maturity
  • High factor of self motivation (commitment)
  • The ability to think as an individual and act as a team member

Course Content

Composition of a CP Team

Roles & Responsibilities

Dress, Protocol, Etiquette & ‘Soft Skills’

Operational Situational Awareness

Threat, Risk & Principal Profiling

Operational Planning

Residence, Estate and Venue Security

Effective Communication & Conflict Management



Walking Drills Skills

Use of Close Protection Vehicles

Tactical Driving (Protective Mobile Skills)

Vehicle Embus/ Debus

Travel Security Management

Physical and Vehicle Search


Basic Surveillance skills

Protective Surveillance, Counter Surveillance/ Surveillance Detection

Security Advance Party

Personal Escort Section

Reaction to Attack – Foot & Vehicle

Reaction to Incidents – Foot & Vehicle

Legal Duties and Responsibilities

Course Dates

Available Course Dates

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