Armoured 4×4 Pre-deployment Training

About The Course

This package is designed specifically for those deploying overseas to hostile environments who will be using armoured vehicles as part of their transport provision.

Our armoured vehicle protective driver pre-deployment course covers topics like evasive driving techniques, anti-kidnapping techniques, route planning, protective driving, immediate action skills, accident avoidance course. All training techniques have been tested in the field, and the training is designed to  avoid or escape a potentially life-threatening situation.

The course takes place weekly in our dedicated training facility in Surrey .

The course covers all the required aspects for operational competency and awareness


This course is specifically designed for those who will be driving an armoured 4 x 4 vehicle in hostile environments. This is a fully accredited course where the delegates will be instructed by ex military personnel with extensive experience.

Course Info

Category: Driving

Duration: 1 Day

Number of People: 9 Delegates

Total Cost: £220 inc VAT

The Aims

This course aims to fulfil the pre-deployment requirements of both the security & NGO sectors prior to deploying  to regions where Armoured 4×4  are an integral part of normal daily security measures

The Gains

This course is aimed at meeting the specific pre-deploymet needs of operators deploying overseas as part of  teams using Armoured 4x4s. The course has been developed specifically too meet the varied theatre specific requests. The course is priced realistically and designed to improve the knowledge and skills of hostile security specialists regarding the specifics of armoured vehicle limitations and uses in theatre.

The Assessmenets

Practical skill assessment

Ongoing formative assessment

Course Content

The course includes specific areas dependant on expected regional deployment-

  • Understanding armoured vehicle capabilities and weaknesses.
  • Understanding and countering over-steer and under-steer with armoured vehicles.
  • Braking techniques; stopping distances, progressive braking, emergency braking.
  • Reversing techniques; straight line reversing, reverse slalom (using the rear window, mirrors, camera screens), reversing around corners.
  • Driving styles; defensive and responsive.
  • Carry out effective threat and risk assessment and analysis.
  • Surveillance detection and pre-incident indicators.
  • Understanding and countering ambushes.
  • Understanding reaction distance in relation to AVs
  • Weapon and explosive capabilities &  Armour Level  Protection
  • Identifying Changes in Dynamics with respect to AVs
  • Armoured vehicle specifications /special features.
  • Space management and planning & correct cornering and steering techniques in various types of AVs
  • Anti-Ambush techniques; straight line , reverse slalom (using the rear window, mirrors, camera screens), around corners in AVs
  • Correct use of  4wd Defensive Driving  &  on all road types
  • Vehicle security packages and ECM introduction
  • Introduction to 4wd Defensive Driving
  • Introduction to 4wd Systems
  • Introduction to communication, firefighting and ECM equipment and capabilities
  • Live driving exercise scenarios

Course Dates

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