Yacht Security

Yacht Security

Polaris operates a discrete holistic ‘soft skills’ approach to security provision. All our operators are highly skilled and experienced Maritime Operators as well as being fully UK licensed Close Protection Officers. We operate fully within flag state rules and when required use only fully registered licensed and insured weapons. All our staff are highly skilled enablers and selected for their ability to work alongside clients existing yacht staff.

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With the potential threats of piracy, terrorism, and the ever-present criminal issues at port and at anchor, security concerns are an increasingly harsh reality for superyacht owners

The Polaris Approach

Polaris yacht security officers operate in a discrete way delivering a ‘soft skills’ approach alongside the provision of the security provided to the HNW client. This is in compliance with the mandatory Manila Agreement crew training requirements.   If required, and appropriate, officers can be armed and come equipped with independent satellite communications and survival equipment to emergency use.

All yacht protection officers are also capable of operating on land, providing discrete close protection.  Male or female officers who also possess the following additional skills are available on request:

  • armoured car driving
  • hostile environment security
  • medicine in remote areas
  • paediatric first aid


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We train all our own yacht security officers. Polaris offer an internationally recognised course to certify knowledge skills and competency for the protection of super yachts and maritime security. This is a formal maritime security qualification and professionalises the protection of high value assets in the maritime industry. Polaris delivers a complete qualification encompassing UK Seaman’s Card and Book STCW-95 Core Modules, SSO/MSO Accreditation, ENG-Medical Card, Trauma Medic (FREC Level 3) and SIA CP License.

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