Surveillance & Investigations

Surveillance & Investigations

Technology and techniques continue to evolve; such as drones, however the basic principles of being able to covertly follow a subject by vehicle or foot, position themselves in order to gather evidential quality information using cameras or other covert equipment in a manner that does not attract unnecessary attention are the benchmark of a competent operative. The complexities of the legal world mean that, often, there is no substitute for an independent team of officers conducting an investigation. When a sensitive issue arises demanding initiative, intelligence and integrity , Polaris handpick the right team for the right result. Our professional, highly trained officers are drawn from commercial, specialist police and elite military teams – giving you peace of mind that your investigation is in the most capable hands.

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Surveillance is the monitoring of behaviour, activities, or other changing information for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting people

The Polaris Approach


When primary, lawful evidence is required regarding specialist enquiries, theft and fraud, employment issues, or fraudulent claims, the use of surveillance officers is one of our resources that can lawfully monitor and follow an individual(s) without their knowledge, gathering evidence to prove the commission of the offences or breach of conduct. The officers are supported by our wider team to put you in the strongest evidential position.

Internal Investigations

Our officers have years of police detective experience in specialised areas such as fraud, intelligence, financial crime, organised crime, drugs, national security and general criminal investigation, allowing us to bring extensive experience to your investigation. Our officers have also worked in the commercial and legal sectors for many years, culminating in the ability to fuse the investigative element with the corporate requirement.

Witness & Suspect Interviewing

Our officers are trained in the PEACE Model (Preparation, Engage & Explain, Account, Closure, Evaluation): a proven police methodology for investigative interviews. With advanced planning, listening, questioning and rapport-building skills, our officers can call upon years of experience to gather evidence from suspect and witness interviewing.

Background Data & Research

With a team dedicated purely to background data, we can utilise desk research, either in support of other elements of the investigative field or as a standalone requirement.

Undercover Officers

Our specialist officers are experts in undercover investigations, with exemplary knowledge and experience of trained police methods and the law to assist in effectively undertaking an undercover operation.

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