Residence Security

Residence Security

The core of any security undertaking is the protection of the residence or locations deemed at risk. It's an often overlooked aspect of Protection provision , especially where the Principal has several homes or is away from the main home on a frequent basis. The security of a residence can be managed in a variety of ways based on a thorough review and a specific residence team or more frequently by a combination of security services designed to give the best provision. The residence must be subject to a detailed security survey, which measures the risk relative the residence location, those living in the property, those visiting and the frequency and times at which the Principal(s) are present. Without a thorough survey the probability of flaws and vulnerabilities in the security provision is likely to mean the provision itself is providing limited protection.

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The security of the home is the foundation on which all protection operations are built.

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We design our services to work alongside household staff and specifically to intrude as little into the pattern of life of our clients as possible. We deliver  protection as a part  of facilitating normality . All these tasks undertakings are individually recruited and designed.

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Open Source Intelligence Reporting can yield a plethora of information that when correctly analysed and interpreted can become of significant value. We use a variety of study methods, and a more inclusive form of training, to provide delegates with a result based approach. The use of case studies and the benefit of hindsight assist in the delivery of this course. Recognition and understanding of how open source intelligence reporting needs to be managed and accurately relayed is fundamental to being successful on this course.

Experienced professional world-class operators who have a practical background as well as a current knowledge skill set deliver our courses. Each possesses extensive Military, Government or Police service operational backgrounds.  This exceptional experience enables Polaris to deliver the very best, current skill sets to our delegates.

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