Medical Support

Medical Support

Operating and travelling to and working in austere environments brings unique health and safety challenges. Our team of medics are all trained security specialists as well as highy trained prehospital medical Practitioners This means we are able to undertake a full range of requirements. Alongside PMC tasks, NGO , media and expedition support are all areas we facilitate.

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From medial support planning for an operation to deployment of paramedics anywhere, we've got you covered

The Polaris Approach

From conducting the initial risk assessments, audit, training, equipment supply and the provision of professional medics (anywhere in the world), to developing protocols, affording medical advice 24 hours a day and managing medical evacuations, we can support your operation or organisation with appropriate dedicated medical solutions.



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Ensuring staff with chronic illnesses are cared for and that injured personnel receive the right treatment at the right time is vital for your business continuity and reputation, along with the safety and welfare of your team members.

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