Counter Crime, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Detection

Counter Crime, Reconnaissance & Surveillance Detection Operations (AZTEC)

A uniquely resourced and managed service delivered by us . We are proud to be the only deliverer of both Accredited and current CCRDT training, operators, teams and planners in the UK outside of Policing elements. We deliver counter surveillance and surveillance detection as well as counter measures for individuals and their properties. Our highly trained operators all have uniquely specialist training as well as extensive operational experience . Our specialist operators will use their skills alongside the latest equipment to detect surveillance and hostile intent be it criminal, terrorism or lone individual based.

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The common denominator of all the different potential threats — whether from lone wolves, militant groups, common criminals or the mentally disturbed — is that those planning something all monitor their target in advance

The Polaris Approach 'AZTEC"

Our uniquely trained and deployed operators will aim to identify surveillance whether this is on foot, mobile or static. Our surveillance detection and counter measures service can be used in conjunction with our  Close Protection and Protective Surveillance teams. The standalone capacity that we maintain allows us to operate in support of major event, infrastructure, and  ‘at risk’  protection operations. We deploy management and control room staff if needed to support clients own security package and manage dedicated AZTEC and Behavioural Analysis trained assets.

We are unique in delivering operational level and management/control operators throughout the UK  and are able to deploy Surge teams at times of heightened tensions and threat.

Counter Crime, Reconnaissance  and Surveillance Detection ( AZTEC) operators are also able to work alongside Police and  Security Agencies where there is a need for vetted and formally trained operators but no requirement to be warranted  officers. All our AZTEC personnel are fully conversant with statement writing and evidential level recording.




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As an adjunct to our Close Protection services, this specialist service can be employed to detect, confirm and counter any hostile surveillance operations against you/ the Principal or property. This service has been used to prevent attempted incursion or hostile acts by identifying attack recognition markers on property.

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