Close Protection

Close Protection

Over the last ten years, Close Protection has been transformed into a refined and discrete service; close protection officers (bodyguards) are now expected to possess recognised qualifications and a high level of training across related disciplines ranging from protective driving to paediatric first aid. 

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Highly capable protection officers, with extensive global operating experience, and the soft skills necessary to serve unobtrusively

The Polaris Approach

 The core business of Polaris is the provision of low key protective services inline with the ‘soft skills’ approach used by the UK  Police where protection and facilitation  are key to supporting all clients activities in whatever environment they may  be called upon to be performed in.

To date we have been and are currently  supporting our clients in the  following areas:

  • The personal protection of visiting foreign Royal families, prior Prime  Ministers, former and exiled heads of state, certain foreign government ministers, ambassadors and high profile persons  considered to be under threat in the UK  and overseas.
  • The personal protection of foreign dignitaries visiting the  UK and not afforded protection under the  Vienna Convention.
  • Providing security advice for high net worth clients, their  families and businesses.
  • Undertaking discreet stand-off protection of client family members to enable them to partake in as normal a life as possible but with an umbrella of protection on hand to deter any threat
  • Performing personal safety reviews and risk assessments for client staff deployed overseas in  high-risk locations.
  • Addressing the security needs of official visitors and  delegations, who do not come under the protection of Government agencies in the  UK and also within the same template when overseas.
  • Planning and co-ordinating protection operations and major  events in the UK and overseas in conjunction with client contractors and external agencies.
  • Delivering nationally accredited personal protection  training in the UK and overseas modelled on the College of Policing ( formerly NPIA) NPOC and to the highest possible standards.
  • Protecting client residences in London, and internationally  including permissive and hostile regions
  • Personal protection for members of certain High Net Worth families their Foundations and charitable undertakings  visiting the UK and internationally.
  • Mobile protection for protected persons, high risk  witnesses and high value property
  • Counter reconnaissance (surveillance) at events identified  as high risk, client  functions, residences or key sites during periods of  threat.

Providing specialist search officers and counter technical surveillance sweeps at  sensitive addresses, major events and business locations

We are recognised as leaders in the provision of highly professional close protection services, which can be delivered globally.

Each engagement starts with an assessment of your protection needs.  We assess the likely threats and risks, the principal’s lifestyle, itinerary and the style of close protection service delivery which will achieve the most effect.

We then select close protection officers for a task that, in combination, have the right blend of skills and experience including languages to perform effectively together.  All our close protection officers have been trained by us and we only employ the top graduates from our own training programmes.

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Enhanced services

Our Close Protection Services can be supplemented and supported by:

  1. Provision of luxury vehicles with chauffeurs
  2. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  3. Counter Surveillance and protective surveillance
  4. Protection Drivers
  5. Medical support

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