Celebrity & Tour Security

Celebrity & Tour Security

The celebrity in the public eye brings a unique and challenging environment for the modern Protection Specialist. Celebrities want to appear engaging and meet their fans, but also want be be safe and maintain their privacy. Our solid experience in the field and long list of previous projects completed demonstrate our reliability as a business partner. By choosing our team, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and availability throughout your projects. You can be sure that together we will protect the person, the brand, the industry and the public. We believe it truly is a skill like no other.

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Fans are great, but not when they threaten your safety or compromise your privacy

The Polaris Approach

We are unique in that we own and deliver  the only genuinely approved qualification and training package in the specialist protection sector. The uniqueness of the skillsets needed mean very few are truly suited to this most demanding of roles and all it entails.

We therefore have a pool of uniquely trained and experienced celebrity protection officers who can adapt their style to every circumstance to provide a personalised, adaptable and appropriate holistic protection service, anywhere in the world.

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