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Media Protection Operations

The provision of media protection over the past few years both in the UK and in Hostile and unfriendly arenas has been the realm of either the highly skilled and proficient operator or the ultimate cowboy. There is seldom any middle ground.

A generation of highly skilled industry specific operators have moved off to consultancy now that the Iraq  Desks of many organisations have closed and moved to local national coverage. The down turn in public order issues in the UK has meant that some media organisations haven’t invested in security or training since 2015. All this has left a void- in the UK filled by a market leading provider simply asking for ‘back -watch security to a number of generic whatsapp groups and taking the first couple of licenced operators that reply. No Media training , no Media experience and no understanding of the unique operating needs of journalist and cameramen tasked to report the news. Simply demanding that ’its not safe’ and they move  will not cut it with real sharp journos these days .

The modern media specialist will have had to ,at least, attended a 4 day accredited media security course  for operations in the UK in support of News and Sport reporting covering tactical advice and production planning for pre-planned journalistic investigations or surveillance tasks. This course is aimed at the UK risk areas and leads in to the Hostile Regions Media Operators course

To work overseas many journalists will have attended at least a 4 day High Threat Environment  Training package  with separate medical input –  As a result of a  number of organisations discovering that their journalists were paying for ‘security’ that was less trained than their media teams deploying to  difficult and and hostile regions we have developed a specific high Hostile Regions Media Operators Course.

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