12th December 2017 / Security Services

Continuous Professional Development

The UK based Specialist Security Operator  is – dependant on training provider- better set up for their career than many of their international peers with a minimum requirement for a formalised 14 day Close Protection qualification and a further 4 days a medical training at entry level this is far and away beyond the minimums elsewhere. The US has State run courses that vary wildly but always include firearms and are as an average 5 /7 days in total the same is the case throughout Europe.

Leading CP training companies are building in extra days training for the likes of Paediatric Frist Aid as opposed to the bottom end of the market who add additional certificates onto already packed training days in an attempt to appear that they are some how giving something for nothing- employers however have been wise to this for some years and often the ‘one course covers all skills’ approach has the opposite effect when graduates seek employment.

It is the individuals approach to CPD (Continuous Professional Development) that marks out the true professional. Developing skills such as Counter Surveillance, Protection Driving- once the relevant PHV licences have been sourced- Risk Management, Security Surveying, Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Skills, Property Protection Management, Advanced Search skills etc etc but attending courses that have little or no use to customers purely to fill out a cv are pointless.

Most genuine employers including some of the biggest UKME, Blackstone etc etc will often set entry tests and vocational assessments prior to employment – the amount of shocked faces when challenged to perform proof the most basic of protective medical skills- haemostatic skills, Tourniquets, and AED use for example is enlightening !  Ask some one to fill out a very basic vocational written assessment  based on core skills again can be highly informative.

With 97% of all protection tasks taking place in or around Central and West London, Surrey and E. Berkshire at interview it is often a make or break question about operational competency and topographic knowledge that gives a clear indication as to how able a candidate is to be able to facilitate a client. A skill seldom taught but in the UK arena it is  asan important part of the protection equation  as the raw protective skills taught on the very first Close Protection course.

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Continuous Professional Development

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